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Clai & Christy

claiandchristy pic webClai and Christy have been married for 30 years.

They are dedicated to our community and are actively involved in supporting and volunteering for many community projects and events.

Christy is an active member of the Avon Garden club and the Avondale Woman’s club.

Two of their grown children have begun their careers and the youngest is in college. Clai and Christy live on Berkeley Road with their two dogs.


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avondale 980I love the City of Avondale Estates.
I care about our residents and the quality of life in the City.
I care about our business owners and visitors that come to our City.

Many of you know me as your neighbor and community leader
who has stood with you for the betterment of our City we love so much.

Many of you know me as a problem solver.

Others know me for my dedication to making Avondale Estates
a safe place for our residents - making sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the City.
That’s exactly what I will do as YOUR MAYOR!

I am running for Mayor because our City needs a proven leader with working knowledge
and expertise in running businesses and city government -
a leader who will ensure our residents and business owners have a voice in building the future of Avondale Estates.

We are at a turning point.

I know working together, we can SECURE OUR FUTURE.

I care about listening to all Residents, Public works, Police
and Business Owners showing them the respect they deserve.

I care about transparency in government - open, accessible and accountable
to all residents and business owners.

I care about financial oversight and accountability - saving taxpayer dollars, improving services and infrastructure.

I care about balancing Downtown Redevelopment and Smart Growth
while maintaining the unique character and natural beauty of our community.

I care about making our City safe for everyone.

I care about you.