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Clai & Christy

claiandchristy pic webClai and Christy have been married for 30 years.

They are dedicated to our community and are actively involved in supporting and volunteering for many community projects and events.

Christy is an active member of the Avon Garden club and the Avondale Woman’s club.

Two of their grown children have begun their careers and the youngest is in college. Clai and Christy live on Berkeley Road with their two dogs.


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Effective Leader, Trusted Experience

Brown image web 800pxClai cares about Avondale Estates - its future, the quality of life it offers and its residents.  His love for the City began at an early age.  Clai was born and raised in Avondale Estates.  He graduated from Avondale Elementary School and Avondale High School where he played football.  His record still holds for catching the largest bass at Lake Avondale when he was only eleven years old.

Proven Business Experience - Clai was one of the original Associates to open the first Home Depot store located where the DeKalb County Tax office is on Memorial Drive.  Clai started as a lot man - loading cars, cleaning restrooms, emptying trash and assisting customers.  As Clai’s 22 year career progressed at Home Depot, he led one of the largest districts in revenue and Associates.  In his position at Home Depot’s corporate headquarters, he helped lead the Strategic Business Initiative team, creating national programs implemented throughout Home Depot.

Clai retired from Home Depot and started his own real estate business in 2002.  During that time he was heavily recruited by other major companies.  In 2005, he accepted an executive position with an Atlanta company providing services to Home Depot stores in the Southeast Division and Puerto Rico.

Dedicated Public Servant - In November 2007, Clai applied for the vacant City Manager position of Avondale Estates.  He interviewed with the Board of Mayor and Commissioners and was hired as City Manager in 2008.  Clai successfully served the City of Avondale Estates, its residents and business owners for 10 years.

Effective Problem Solver - Clai built a dynamic team focused on serving the community with respect and an open door policy.  Clai ensured transparency at City Hall - open, accessible and accountable to the residents.  Clai brought efficiency, accountability and real problem solving to the permitting process for residents and businesses.

Proven Fiscal Prudence - Clai ensured the City’s financial future by providing oversight and strong, disciplined management of taxpayer dollars.  Under his leadership, the City was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial reporting 10 years in a row - the highest form of recognition in government accounting.

Community Partner - Clai understands our residents are the heart of the City - the foundation of our community.  He is always in touch with our residents and businesses, as well as leaders of areas surrounding Avondale Estates.  Clai supports fiscally responsible downtown redevelopment and growth that is strategic, planned and maintains the beauty and character of our City.

Clai Cares - Clai knows the importance of working together for the betterment of our City.  Clai cares about listening to and showing respect for residents, public works, police and business owners.  He respects where everyone has come from and the many paths they have traveled to call the City of Avondale Estates home.  Clai cares about the future of our City and the quality of life it offers.