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schools 01Clai is for supporting our schools and believes Avondale Elementary School and The Museum School enrich our community. Clai graduated from Avondale Elementary when it was 1st - 7th grades. Currently, the principal, Dr. Andrews, has the school on a path to become STEM certified. Many of our residents volunteer their time to help Avondale Elementary School achieve this goal.

From the beginning of the creation of The Museum School, Clai supported the development and opening of the school by providing space at City Hall for their meetings, facilitating permitting with DeKalb County, completing a zoning amendment on a tight timeline, assisting in the development of their safety plan, installing a crosswalk and signage for safer pedestrian travel, providing Police and Public Works personnel as appropriate, and added a sidewalk on Wiltshire Road from Sussex Road to Forrest Boulevard for safety. schools 02

Clai always supported the events and programs held by Avondale Elementary School and The Museum School. He provided assistance for the Avondale Elementary School 5k Fun Race; the Avondale Elementary School Parade with police escort; The Museum School 5k Explorer Dash and 1-mile fun run; and the International Walk to School Day. Additionally, he ensured our Police Officers and Public Works Associates were available at crosswalks for student safety.

Clai welcomed all students to City Hall for tours, Police Car and Sanitation Truck field trips and encouraged our Police Officers to participate in reading to the students.

sound fiscal 01Clai believes in sound fiscal management, oversight and transparency. ALWAYS delivering a balanced budget, our City maintained at minimum a three-month reserve of operating expenditures.

Under Clai’s leadership, the City strategically invested in and improved services and infrastructure, including The Willis Park renovation, Lake Avondale renovation, paving miles of City roads and implementing a five-year curbing plan all completed within the City’s finances. sound fiscal 02

There were NO findings of material weaknesses of internal control in annual audits of the City’s books by outside auditors for 10 years.

The City was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting 10 years in a row. This is the highest recognition a city can receive in government accounting.

development 01Clai is for quality development and growth. Utilizing his business expertise, he helped lay the foundation for today’s development and future projects. He led the process to complete the annexations of the 24 parcels of land at Sam’s Crossing and the 13 acres of the Fenner Dunlop property. These two annexations gave the City more control over how these areas would be developed and set the stage for The Willis and all future development.

At the request of the BOMC, Clai was the lead negotiator for the purchase of 4 acres of land now being considered for the 2-acre park development from Concept 9. The purchase price was negotiated from approximately $3 million down to $1 million. development 02

Clai recommended the City take internal control of the permitting process from DeKalb County and the BOMC approved. Owning the permitting process allowed the City to expedite permitting from 30-60 days for approval down to 5-10 days for approval. This change provided better customer service to our residents, contractors and developers and made Avondale Estates more attractive for development.

quality life 01Clai is for working with everyone to secure our future to meet the challenges of tomorrow with a safe, vibrant, inclusive, environmentally friendly community where everyone thrives.

Under Clai’s leadership, he maintained a ratio of police officers to residents that ensured a rapid response time of 2-3 minutes; provided Safety Alerts to all residents and business owners in real time; implemented the Child Safety Program and A Child is Missing notifications.

The City was ranked 2nd in the State of Georgia for inclusivity by the Human Rights Campaign; communication with all residents was expanded to include implementing the City’s website, Facebook page, City eNews, Instagram, Twitter, and Nixle. quality 02

Clai always championed an environment of inclusivity, equal employment opportunity, and protecting the rights of all people. He nurtured strong working relationships with our residents - the foundation of our community - and was always available to help our residents and business owners.