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development 01Clai is for quality development and growth. Utilizing his business expertise, he helped lay the foundation for today’s development and future projects. He led the process to complete the annexations of the 24 parcels of land at Sam’s Crossing and the 13 acres of the Fenner Dunlop property. These two annexations gave the City more control over how these areas would be developed and set the stage for The Willis and all future development.

At the request of the BOMC, Clai was the lead negotiator for the purchase of 4 acres of land now being considered for the 2-acre park development from Concept 9. The purchase price was negotiated from approximately $3 million down to $1 million. development 02

Clai recommended the City take internal control of the permitting process from DeKalb County and the BOMC approved. Owning the permitting process allowed the City to expedite permitting from 30-60 days for approval down to 5-10 days for approval. This change provided better customer service to our residents, contractors and developers and made Avondale Estates more attractive for development.